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Search Engine Optimization

Being on top of search engine rankings is very important because it will act as an effective advertising tool, considering the fact that more than 90% of online user's first use search engines to look for products and services!

One of the most crucial elements in having a website is its presence in the search engines. Since most internet users find websites through search engines, there’s no use in a having a beautiful website if it doesn’t have a good presence in the search engine listings. Search Engine Optimization is the key to your websites success or failure.

Search Engine Optimization may not be the only component of your overall internet marketing strategy but we believe SEO should be the foundation. Traffic from search engines remains the most effective, highest converting traffic on the internet. Our enterprise Professional Search Engine Optimization services typically generate increases in organic search traffic ranging from 100% to 15,000%.

We understand the complexities of a complete and customized search engine optimization strategy and the impact that search engine placement can have on your company's marketing ROI. Our SEO process delivers outstanding results because we take a customized approach to the strategy and engagement which enables us to collaborate with our clients and other agencies to ensure success.

Our Search Engine Optimization servcies include the following:

  1. Keywords development
  2. Site analysis
  3. On page optimization
  4. SEO friendly website
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Newsletter management and services
  7. CPC Management
  8. Link building

It is fair to say that the closer your site is to #1 in a search engine (when certain words are searched for), the more that will translate into 'Hits' (i.e. visits to) for your website. However, do 'Hits' = 'Success'? Put simply, no.

What is equally important is what people do once they get to your site. In other words, getting them to your site is just the first challenge. The second challenge is to get them to do what you want them to do in order to achieve the principal objectives of the site (e.g. make an impression, drive sale on the site maybe purchase of tickets).

We create websites that meet both challenges. We build sites that are:

  1. Friendly to the search engines, and
  2. Friendly to the user.

Using proven methods and honest techniques, we are confident in our ability to boost your website up the rankings.