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SAP - Business One

SAP Business One

Qatar Electronic Publishing & Trading is an Extended Business Partner for SAP and represnts SAP's Business One product (COST-EFFECTIVE ERP SOFTWARE). The SAP Business One application is an affordable, integrated business management solution designed specifically for small and midsize businesses and divisions of large corporations. SAP allows you to spend less money and IT effort on implementing and managing solutions. Each complete and integrated SAP solution comes with the functionality you need to run your business.

Typical scenario: The company want to support a growing business with valuable software and IT support, but has limited budget and resources. Outdated applications and countless integration challenges leave you little time to provide the kind of strategic IT support that can help move the business forward.

You need a flexible solution that can adapt and scale as your business grows, even without additional IT staff or resources to support it. And you need this world-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) software within your budget and time horizon. In short, you need an affordable and flexible ERP solution that can be implemented quickly, adopted rapidly, and maintained easily.

THE BEST-RUN BUSINESSES RUN SAP. The SAP® Business One application gives you software for key business activities, eliminating the complexity and expense of integrating multiple solutions. It can be deployed quickly and requires minimal maintenance.

The SAP Business One ERP software allows you manage practically all of your core business operations, including:

  1. Customer Relationship Management
  2. Inventory and Distribution
  3. Ordering and Delivery
  4. Purchasing and Merchandising
  5. Production and Manufacturing
  6. Employees and Human resources
  7. E-Commerce
  8. Financial and Accounting