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Multimedia Services

Multimedia Solutions

The power of the moving image is perhaps the only platform of media that has had the ability to make audiences stop and take notice. Multimedia presentations are used to describe the content and works created from the following digital media formats: Text, photographic images, graphics, animations, audio and video. Multimedia presentations are often used for promoting companies, products or projects and are copied and distributed on CD ROM, DVD ROM or even USB sticks.

At QEPT we develop, design, and deliver Presentation motion graphics to the best quality. Through the use of design, and in particular Adobe Flash Design, our creative team of artists and designers will transform your presentations from the stationary and the static, to the moving and the stirring. Reflecting movement, energy, modernity, and dynamism. Illustrating positive values, and values that any corporate brand or product service might choose to reflect, and be perceived by.

Whatever be the area of trade or influence you are into, the importance and requirement of Multimedia Presentation remains high everywhere. Businesses primarily share ideas and our multimedia solutions make it easier and influential for them. Hence, you can use multimedia for effective presentations.

At QEPT, our experienced artists and designers are here to bring your message to life with enhanced Adobe Flash Design and animation presentation using which we can provide the followig services:

  1. Redesigning your existing PowerPoint Presentation into Adobe Flash.
  2. Use custom photos, illustrations, movies, animations, transitions, and sound clips to create a unique presentation.
  3. Making a fully interactive or self-running presentation for a product catalog.
  4. Walk through animation of a proposed construction site.
  5. Animation for education purpose which can be used in schools and colleges.
  6. And many more...