Easy Asset

easyAsset is Asset Tracking Software designed to manage and control mobile and fixed assets. easyAsset centrally manages; what assets you have, where they are and who uses them. easyAsset is a comprehensive asset tracking solution with extensive bar coding technologies and functions.

easyAsset is the #1 selling, industry-leading asset tracking solution for small, medium and large sized businesses. easyAsset has perfected an all-in-one solution to solve the asset management needs of government and educational agencies, healthcare organizations, and companies of all sizes across the globe. Our asset tracking solutions are capable of meeting the demands of your business while still remaining simple enough to master right out of the box!

easyAsset powerful report writer provides an array of standard reporting structures and a comprehensive range of user-defined templates. With a single screen common to all standard and customized reports, the reports function is both familiar and simple to use.

Reports can be ordered by category, type or physical location. Alternatively, results can also be gathered based on a single field. Reports can be configured to begin on a new page when sequencing values change.

Quickly transform a report summary into a detailed, professional analysis. Reports can be viewed on screen, sent to a printer, emailed or exported to business tools such as Microsoft Excel.

With Data Import Wizard, raw data (in a range of formats) can be directly imported into the non-capitalized asset register. This tool offers a simple way to import new inventory items and update existing ones. The Data Import Wizard saves users a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to manually enter or update each asset.

Features of easyAsset our Asset Management Solution includes

  • Web based asset management system.
  • Transfer assets in or out to customers and employees.
  • Assign due-date and due-time when checking out assets.
  • Track assets by site, location, department, item & serial number.
  • Move items by location, department, purchase order or custom filter.
  • Attach any type of file to an asset - pictures, warranties, user manuals, and more.
  • Easily import and export data using the Import/Export Wizard.
  • Create asset tags, barcode labels and employee badges.
  • Streamline data entry by pinning fields on your PC or mobile device.
  • Capture purchase order, invoice & warranty details, and asset cost.
  • Track book value of assets by company or department.
  • Schedule maintenance for assets - execute from a PC or a mobile computer.