Google Allo, privacy, are you there?

Google keeps your messages forever. By leaving it up to you to delete your messages, Google says its AI-driven Allo chat app can do a better job. But your privacy is a trade-off.

  • 22 September 2016
  • Author: Info QEPT
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Google Allo, privacy, are you there?
Google's Allo offers users messaging app with Google Assistant built in, offering automatically generated responses called Smart Replies and other computer-generated suggestions for your everyday life. keep them indefinitely, or at least until you manually delete them. That, Google acknowledged Wednesday, is a change from what the company told some reporters before its annual developer conference, I/O, in May. While the company initially considered keeping messages in a "transient" fashion, testing of Allo revealed that its Smart Reply technology worked better if it had a longer history of user messages to draw from.